A perfect fit is hard to find.

Imperial Design Personnel is your partner and trusted source in providing technical recruiting for engineering, skilled trades and other professional designations. We specialize in Direct Hire, Contract-to-Direct Hire and Short Term placements. Our staff consists of industry veterans – a handful with over 20 years of experience in their respective fields. Our passion is simple: to thoroughly understand the requirements our clients outline for each position and to meet those needs with a candidate that is the perfect fit. Equally, we excel at placing incoming job seekers in a role that best fits their personal and professional needs, setting them forth on a path to success. 

Excellent Experience

My experience with Imperial Design was excellent. The staff are all great people to work with and they helped me to get on track with a career path that I enjoy. I can’t thank them enough for helping me out in such a way.”


Trustworthy and Dependable

Mike is a trustworthy and very dependable vendor. He consistently and reliably gets things done. Mike is one of the most personable vendors I have the privilege to work with. He is well thought of through the greater HMI network from work team leaders to our Staffing department.


Let's Talk

For over 20 years, Imperial Design Personnel has built relationships on trust with companies and candidates throughout West Michigan and beyond. We have the network, resources and experience to place the right candidate – one that is a cultural fit and a step forward for the business – in an open position. If you’re interested in making a move in your career, or you’re ready to find your next star employee, please reach out. We’re always ready to pick up the phone.
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How We Help

Benefits (Check!)

As a full-time Imperial Design employee, you are offered competitive health and dental benefits, paid holidays and other benefits with accumulated time served.

A Leg Up Over the Competition

Imperial Design Personnel recruiters provide professional assistance throughout the process, from resume consultation to placing you in front of the right person at the right time.

More Than Just an Internet Search

Imperial Design Personnel sources candidates from a proprietary database with over 25 years of data. We’ll source the right candidate based on your needs – not the current online resume inventory.

Recruiters That Have Been Around the Block

While the recruiting industry notably has one of the highest turnover rates in the U.S., IDP recruiters average over ten years in their line of expertise – some with over 20.