Advantages of Working With IDP

Advantages of Working With Imperial design

At Imperial Design, we take the guesswork out of your staffing puzzle by providing quality, cost-effective solutions. Our recruiters match your organization with the candidates who fit your culture and requirements.


Contract Placement

Imperial offers major medical (Priority Health Network) and dental (Delta) insurance at no cost to the client

Imperial covers all payroll taxes, paid holidays, vacation, short term and long term disability. Unemployment and Workers Compensation costs also become our responsibility.

Allows for you (the customer) to evaluate potential employees before making a long term commitment

The cost of running ads is eliminated

Through networking and headhunting methods we are able to identify otherwise hard to find candidates

It allows your staff to focus on other tasks/projects within your organization

Placement Options


  • Evaluate or test drive a candidate before making a permanent commitment
  • Meet needs during a peak in business without making a permanent commitment
  • Receive help from an industry expert to locate a candidate with a specific skill set

Short/Long Term Contracts

  • Gain an extra set of hands or a seasoned pro in order to reach deadlines on a special project
  • Bring in an expert to train current employees on recently purchased technology or new business practices
  • React quickly to the unexpected loss of a key player

Direct Placements

  • Relieve the headache of an empty search for the right permanent candidate
  • Bring in additional qualified candidates to create a basis of comparison for those already being considered
  • Save money, time and resources spent on searching for candidates with highly specific skill sets