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Grand Rapids, MI

Pay:  20-25/hr

1. Operates all equipment and tools with the utmost attention to safety.

2. Operates manual horizontal and vertical milling and lathe machining.

3. Responsible for cylindrical grinding and the set-ups for Mills and Lathes.

4. Capable of reading and understanding: outside and inside micrometers,vernier calipers, venier height and depth gauges.

5. Studies blueprints, drawings, schematics, engineering information, or sample parts to determine product dimensions and tolerances as well as best method and sequence of operations needed to fabricate parts.

6. Selects appropriate tools, machines, and materials to be used for machining work.

7. Calculates dimensions and tolerances using knowledge of mathematics and

instruments such as micrometers and calipers.

8. Lays out, measures and marks metal stock in order to display placement of cuts.

9. Align/secures holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, and materials onto machines.

10. Independently sets up and operates various mills and/or lathes.

11. Monitors the feed and speed of machines during the machining process.

12. Observes and listens to operating machines or equipment in order to diagnose machine malfunctions and to determine need for adjustments or repairs.

13. Fabricates and manufactures various parts.

14. Measures, examines and tests completed parts in order to detect defects and ensure conformance to specification

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