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Pay: 12-14/hr

-Fasten products parts to pallets with lag bolts, metal, nylon banding. 

-Cut wood with miter, panel and skill saws. 

-Use small tools for various tasks, drill (drilling and tapping holes), screwdriver, tape gun.

-Tape measure, utility knife.

-Touch up paint scratches on painted machines

-Take photos of the completed machine and accessory parts.

-Log accessories, assembly and/or spare parts shipping with the chamber.

-Read and write in english

-Replenish depleted department supplies.

-Replacing both types of banding material.

-Lift and manipulate heavy objects. (Up to 90 lb.)

-Operate dolly, pallet jack 

-Maintaining records (Job folders, Check Sheets, Packing list)

-Computer skills Microsoft Word, using SL to print reports, create small parts orders packing lists may be required

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