CNC Machinist 1st or 3rd shift

Primary Responsibilities

  •     Full command of various CNC machining processes including milling, turning  
  •     In depth knowledge of materials and tool selection for proper application
  •     Machining of large complex parts
  •     In depth knowledge of set-up techniques to ensure optimum quality and productivity through the manufacturing process
  •     Have a thorough understanding of “work fixture” offsets
  •     Proper use of Renishaw probe
  •     Ability to program “right angle” head on boring mills
  •     Ability to program “live” tooling on turning centers
  •     Performs advanced inspection of own work products as listed in the training checklist.
  •     Achieve established quality and productivity levels


Other Responsibilities

  •     Demonstrates good problem solving skills – programming, tooling & fixtures and set-ups
  •     Continuous Improvement – Leads the improving of work processes and business processes
  •     Attends work cell and company meetings
  •     Correctly fills out  Non-Conforming part reports (NCR’s)
  •     Creates process instructions that identify operations, tool sequences, fixtures, speeds and feeds for parts requiring any type of machining operation.


Required Skill and Experience:

  •     High School Diploma or GED
  •     College or trade school certification in addition to the above.
  •     Proficient in Gibbs Cam software.
  •     Proficient in advanced CNC programming
  •     Proficient in Fanuc and Siemens controls
  •     Proficient in reading blueprints in both English and metric using geometric tolerancing symbology.
  •     Highly developed computer skills in Microsoft Windows
  •     Excellent oral and written communication skills
  •     Solid foundation in Mathematics
  •     Proficient in all types of measuring tools and gages required in the Machinists trade – i.e., thread gages, bore gages, depth mic’s, calipers, tool pre-setters, etc. 
  •     Successful working in a team environment