Resume Writing Tips by Senior Technical Recruiter Lonny Lubben

There is no such thing as the perfect resume in the perfect format. This is a very subjective area for most employers. But, through our experience, we’ve found that clarity is critical and you must focus on results you’ve accomplished.

  • Have a clear and specific OBJECTIVE and SKILLS section – Be very clear on the job you want with a one-sentence objective line. The Skills section should be a bulleted list of your skills that match your desired position’s requirements. When compared against other resumes, having a strong “checklist” of skills at the top gets you past the initial screening process.
  • Prepare a reverse chronological resume. In this format, you begin with your most recent job followed by additional work experience in reverse chronological order, then your education.
  • Use bulleted statements, not paragraphs, to describe your job duties.
  • Focus on results. Your past performance and accomplishments are the best indicator of future performance. List what you have accomplished, delivered and achieved in your past jobs and what roles you worked on with past teams. Use percentages, timelines exceeded, or examples that are easy to measure.
  • Most important – be accurate and truthful